METAL-MOUNT TAG

  • Attaches to metal surface, or any other material
  • Reading distance up to 15 feet (4.6 meters)
  • Fastened by screws, rivets, adhesive, cable ties, etc.
  • For cars, trucks, wheelchairs, forklifts, containers
mt-uhf-on-gourney AWID’s MT-UHF-0-0 hands-free metal-mount tag works in a variety of ways.  It reads when attached on large metal surfaces, on other material, or in free space.  Its uses go far beyond cars and trucks – it’s great on wheelchairs, golf carts, motorcycles, forklifts, trailers and containers.  The MT-UHF serves in many markets – parking, medical, industrial, commercial, recreation.  It can be attached permanently (self-adhesive, screws, rivets) or temporarily (wire ties, cable ties, hand-held).  It can be on both the cab and the trailer of 18-wheelers.



  • Secure codes
  • Long maintenance-free life
  • Read both inside and outside vehicles
  • Avoids reading by readers close to travel lane
  • Long reading distance
  • Freedom of locating tags
  • Compatible with all popular access control systems
  • Superior price:performance ratio
  • Easy installation on vehicles


  • AWID’s proprietary encryption protects data and ensures use of compatible tags.
  • Tags use passive technology – no battery – no need to change tags.
  • Tags are sealed fully from weather.
  • MT tag has highly directional output pattern.
  • Fits well in applications calling for around 15 feet reading distance.
  • Use in many locations outside vehicles on a flat surface.
  • Wiegand-type encoding is industry standard.
  • Easy installation, long care-free life, reliable hands-free reading.
  • Instructions supplied, suitable for users when they install tags.
pdf.png Download Filename: Credentials, Vehicle-Mounted - UHF Gen 2 LR - Product Sheet

pdf.png Download Filename: MT-UHF Tag Mounting Instructions

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