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Home Credentials LR/UHF ST-UHF


  • Rugged tag attaches to any surface, anywhere
  • Special reading distane up to 35 feet (10.7 meters)
  • Fastened by screws, rivets, adhesive, cable ties, etc.
  • For commercial and industrial applications

AWID’s ST-UHF-0-0 hands-free special “Supertag” has an exceptional reading distance.  Its extra size and tough construction give the Supertag a read range twice that of AWID’s smaller and slimmer tags.  This is the ideal tag for industrial and commercial uses when outstanding distance is more important than subtle appearance.  Attached by 4 screws or other fasteners, the Supertag works on big trucks, buses, trailers, loads, containers, off-road machinery, and construction vehicles.  It is strong and rugged, yet handsomely designed.


  • Reads up to 35-40 feet even in rough environment
  • Fasten to trucks, trailers, containers, machines . . .
  • Fasteners may be solid or simple, to fit the job
  • Supertag uses same readers as AWID’s small tags


  • Exceptional range for a tag with moderate size
  • For unusual applications, in unusual places 
  • Uses either permanent or temporary attachment
  • Compatible with access control systems for cars

Filename: Credentials, Vehicle-Mounted - UHF Gen 2 LR - Product Sheet

Filename: ST-UHF Tag Mounting Instructions