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  • Companion for all UHF (865~928 MHz) long range reader installations
  • Many uses:
      • sales demo
      • site survey
      • bench-testing
      • installation verification
      • trouble-shooting

AWID’s LR-TEK Installation Kit is the tool that helps sell a new UHF (865~928 MHz) long-range reader, gives you answers about performance of the products during installation, and identifies the source of problem during a service call. The LR-TEK is provided in a small, sturdy carton with fitted padding. It works also with the UA-612 UHF switchplate-type reader, and even with HF and LF (proximity) readers. The LR-TEK is a low-cost way to observe the performance of a reader without interface to the controller of an access control system, and to change the LR reader repetition rate and RF power level.

Components of LR-TEK:

  • Test Unit - Contains a sounder and an LED to indicate every tag read, and a cable with clip leads for DC power and RS-232 Transmit Data. Clips to the power supply and to the reader being tested.
  • DC Power Module - AWID’s PS-123.3A plug-in “brick” with nominal 12 volts output up to 3.3 amperes.
  • RS-232 Cable Adapter - Short cable with female DB9 connector, and 3 clip leads for RS-232 interface.
  • Test Tags - AWID’s WS-UHF windshield tag (on windshield glass) and CS-UHF clamshell card, for hand tests.
  • Carton - A sturdy container with fitted foam padding to support and protect the components between uses.


  • Self-contained Kit - All components in a small fitted carton
  • Easy to use - Simple instructions are included
  • Quick setup - Items connect by clip leads
  • Variety of uses - Kit contains all necessary items
  • For effective presentations - Your reader gives real reads fast
  • Build confidence at your office - See actual operation on your bench
  • Answers questions at installation - Kit shows isolated reader and tags working
  • Trouble shooting in a service call - Isolates components of the system
  • Shows where repair is needed - Substitutes for parts of the installation
  • A valuable investment by you - Payback from time saved time and confidence


The Kit lets you do the following valuable things:

  • Demonstrate your UHF Long-Range reader and tags
  • Test the proposed reader location
  • Bench-test the products at your shop before going to the site
  • Test the reader before interfacing it to the system
  • Test the completed installation
  • Trouble-shoot an installed system
  • Save the LR-TEK kit for use by others when needed

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Info re: driver for the USB to RS-232 cable adapter to this kit.

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PS-1233A AWID PS-1233A
  • Switching Power Supply 12VDC 3.3A
  • used for LR-911 and LR-2000
  • ROHS Compliance
  • Input Voltage Range 100VAC (-10%) to 240VAC (+10%)
AWID’s Power Supply 12VDC 3.3A
  • ROHS Compliance
  • Input Voltage Range 100VAC (-10%) to 240VAC (+10%)
  • Dimensions without cable: 4 1/4" x 2" x 1 1/4"


  • Input Voltage Range: 100VAC (-10%) to 240VAC (+10%)
  • Input Frequency Range: 47 Hz to 63 Hz
  • Output Voltage: +12VDC
  • Output Regulation: 11.4V to 12.6V
  • Output Load Range: 0 to 3.3A
  • Efficiency: 80% at full Load
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C to 40°C


  • Low cost
  • Easy setup

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  • Long Range Reader mounting bracket
  • Beige
AWID’s Mounting Bracket for the Long Range Reader(s).
  • Long Range Reader mounting bracket
  • Beige


  • Easy attachable to LR Readers


  • Light Weight
  • Great for already covered areas (parking garages). For outdoor use, LR Reader needs to be in a separate housing.

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