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RF IDentics RF IDentics is one of the first to market with Gen 2 RFID tags.
RF IDentics is one of the first to market with Gen 2 RFID tags. RF IDentics designs and manufactures high performance, low-cost RFID tags using proprietary processes developed specifically for high volume production. Many of the tags can be specifically tuned to the tagged products. Additionally, many of the product offer dual diapole designs which increase orientation performance which results in greatly improved RFID system results.

Some of the tags this company offers is tag the size of a postage stamp with 6 feet of read range and a tag that performs when directly attached to a full plastic beverage container.

RF IDentic's is part of the IMPINJ's "first to market" program so we currently offer the largest Gen 2 product line available today. This family of tags covers a wide array of tag sizes for most RFID tagging and labeling needs. RF IDentics' Class 1 and Class 0+ RFID products deliver high-speed, long-range data rewritability while maintaining full compatibility with the EPCglobal Class 1 and Class 0+ specifications.

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