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Home Credentials Proximity/LF GR-AWID & GRMAG-AWID
  • Graphic Card & Graphic Mag-Strip Card
  • Credit Card Size
  • Printable surface
  • Reading Distance of 4 to 22 inches (depending on Reader)
  • Customizable Graphics Quality, both sides!

AWID’s Proximity Graphic and Graphic Magstripe Card



  • Reading Distance of 4 to 22 inches (depending on Reader)
  • Dimensions: 3.375 x 2.125 x 0.033 in
  • ISO Compliant Thickness for Badging
  • Portrait or Landscape Punch Capability
  • White Color
  • Customizable Graphics Quality, both sides
  • Proprietary encryption for the protection of card data
  • Maintenance free operation, No batteries needed
  • Up to 72 trillion or 72,057,594,037,927,936 unique codes


  • 3 open bit Formats available at no extra charge
  • High Security bit Formats available for minimal up-charge
  • Custom bit formats available, request quote!
  • No Batteries needed, years of maintenance free operation
  • Punch guide provided with every order
  • Custom printing available with MOQ
  • Available as Graphic card only (white both sides)
  • Available with Magnetic stripe (GR-MAG)
  • GR-MAG stripe is in the Hi Coercivity range (2000-4000 Oe) and is at 2700 Oe and has 4 tracks

Filename: LF Credentials Product Sheet