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Home Readers Long Range/AVI LR-2200
  • SIZE 8” x 8” x 1.125”
  • RF POWER 1W (30dBm)
  • FREQUENCY 865MHz to 868MHz (FHSS) (EU)
  • ANTENNAS 1 Integrated RHCP Patch Antenna
  • INTERFACE Wiegand and RS-232 (simultaneous)
  • CREDENTIALS (Cards/Tags)





Underground parking


The LR-2200 offers an impressive combination of single unit construction, small size, and attractive appearance. Unlike many AVI products, the LR-2200 operates in the ETSI EN 302 208 ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band, offers a myriad of credential options from traditional clamshell badges, hangtags to windshield tags, while providing significant savings in deployment and maintenance expense.
Performance enhancements in automobiles impose unwavering circumstances which call for the flexibility AWID has integrated in the LR-2200 reader and tags. Tag reading distance is commonly up to 4 meters or more, depending on reader mounting, credential type, and environment. Its electronics and antenna are integrated in a single compact enclosure which is suited for outdoor applications.
The LR-2200 offers a price-performance advantage over traditional long-range proximity systems, using battery-free, maintainance-free credentials and operates in the 865-868 MHz UHF band. In addition to Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), the LR-2200™ is ideal for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Airports, Hotels, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, extending unparalleled performance while providing Long Range RFID with the best ROI.

Certifications: ETSI EN302 208, Harmonized



  • LR-2200 is the first available AVI reader in Europe based on the very successful LR-2000 in the USA

  • up to 25' read range

  • Works with AWID LR-2200 tags of 7 form factors

  • Accessories available: the LR-TEK


  • Read Ranges of up to 25 feet
  • Compact package of 8 x 8 x 1.125 inch
  • Programmable read repetition rate for one-shot or multiple reads
  • Utilizes passive RFID technology; no battery required for tags.
  • Industry standard Wiegand and RS-232 data output
  • In compliance with the limits for Harmonized European Standard ETSI EN 302 208 -2 (2008-04)


  • Superior read range performance for AVI and Access Control applications
  • Integrated reader and antenna
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • No programming required for standard installation
  • Cost-effective UHF long read range passive tags
  • Compatible with all standard Access Control Systems
  • No license required for users
  • Easy installation with LR-2200-Kit installation kit
  • Standard Wiegand Interface to controller


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