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Home Asset Management Antennas ANT-915LA2x2
  • Operational Frequency 902-928MHz
  • Maximum Gain +12.4dBi
  • Horizontal Linear Polarized
  • VSWR less than 1.15
  • Size 18.7"x18.7"x2.1" (475mmX475mmX52mm)
  • RF connector Reverse Polarity TNC



AWID's ANT-915LA2x2 is optimized for frequency band 902-928MHz.

Optimization results are high realized gain, very low axial ratio of radiation and high return loss over operational frequency band.



    • Maximum achieved realized gain and frequency bandwidth within moderate volume.
    • Variation of the Maximum Gain is less than ±0.12dB in Z direction within operational frequency band.
    • Variation of the Maximum Gain is less than ±0.5dB within the frequency band 882-954MHz at the fixed Phi angle.
    • It provides very low reflection of the transmitter signal into receiver. The return loss is more than 23dB.
    • Light – weight is 3480g or 123oz.


    • The antenna is intended for application with RFID mono-static interrogator architecture and it provides better interrogation rate and range because of very low VSWR.
    • Antenna provides uniform electromagnetic field within narrow cone, which guaranties the stability of tag interrogation at any position in required direction.
    • High realized gain with linear polarization and low VSWR increase the interrogation range for semi-passive RFID tags at reduced transmitter power.
    • Size, weight and gain of the antenna are optimized for stationary applications.
    • It may be employed for indoor and outdoor installations with IP66 rating.

      Filename: ANT-915LA2x2 Data Sheet

      Filename: ANT-915LA2x2 Product Sheet