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Home Readers Ultra High Frequency (UHF) MPR-3014-QB
  • SIZE 11” x 7.4” x 2.75”
  • RF POWER 1W (30dBm)
  • FREQUENCY 902MHz to 928MHz (FHSS)
  • ANTENNAS 4 pairs Bi-Static
  • INTERFACE +12V DC, RS-232, TCP/IP, 4 GPI, 4 GPO



scm 01-11-06_1100

AWID's MPR-3014 WinCE quad bi-static reader MPR-3014-QB is an eight-antenna Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) reader with an on-board WinCE.
One unique configuration for the MPR-3014WF-QB readers is the possibility of having either RS-232 interface or Ethernet interface at the reader data input ports. Users may send either serial or Ethernet commands to the reader when the corresponding communication mode is set. (Default communication mode is Ethernet.) MPR-3014WF-QB are long-range (12 to 25 feet, tag dependent) readers with general purpose digital I/O (GP I/O – four (4) inputs four (4) outputs) that work with all leading passive UHF passive tags. Each of these readers come with a unique combination of long read range, small size, and low power consumption. Its primary applications are asset management & tracking, and fleet management applications.

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  • System with WinCE processor
  • Host Interface - TCP/IP
  • Multi Protocol Cabability Including ISO 18000-6 B/C and EPC Gen2
  • Easy Communications Protocol
  • Write Range: 70% of Read Range


  • Tag Commissioning Stations Document Tracking
  • Document Tracking Check-In / Check-Out Stations
  • POS Input - Supermarket Mode Unmanned Kiosks
  • Credenitial Verification for:
    • Room Access
    • Computer Use
    • Document Vault

Note: Only Registered users are able to download some of the Asset Management files

Filename: MPR-3014WF-QB Manual

Filename: MPR-3014 Product Sheet

Filename: MPR-3014WF Admin

Filename: MPR-3014WF Protocol