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Home Modules Ultra High Frequency (UHF) MPR-1980
  • SIZE 2.11” x 3.31” x 0.35”
  • RF POWER 1W (30dBm)
  • FREQUENCY 865MHz to 868MHz (EU)
  • ANTENNA 2 (MMCX Connector)

The MPR-1980 (European Model) is a credit-card sized RFID reader module. By adding power supply and antennas, it becomes a full-functioning embedded RFID reader, controlled over a serial/USB port. It is designed for devices that have to handle UHF tags. The UHF module is ideal for embedding in a label printer/encoder, handheld reader, contactless POS, or smart shelf. Applications cover supply chain management, document tracking, access security, and authentication/e-pedigree.

Development kit is available for purchase.



  • Operation Temperatures: -31°F to +151°F (-21°C to + 65°C), Metal Heatsink Required
  • Overall dimensions: 2.11” x 3.31” x 0.35” excluding connector header
  • Host Communication: TTL: 9.6-115.2kbps (default 115.2)
  • Communication Interface: Serial through a flat flexible cable
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Antenna Options - Either Integral or 2 External Monostatic
  • Serial Communication
  • 1W Output, 0-1W tuning at 1dB steps
  • Multiple forward and reverse data link speeds
  • Pre-scanned for Certification
  • Dense Reader Mode
  • Compact Credit Card Size
  • Variable user memory access via API
  • ≤10ms Wake Up Time
  • Compact design for embedded application such as RFID Printers, close Proximity RFID Readers, mobile Readers, handheld Readers, Security/Asset Portals,
    Desktop Readers, Label Applicators, ...

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Filename: MPR-1910 Series Product Sheet

Filename: MPR-1980 Manual

Filename: MPR Communication Protocol